About Jack Manson Signature


Jack Manson is a multi-faceted designer & stylist involved in various aspects of fashion, design and menswear styling. His love for fashion started with his passion for mural art, a concept that was introduced by his grandmother, the legendary Harlem Renaissance Artist, Mrs. Georgette Seabrook-Powell.
Jack spent 25 years in the medical industry, inspired by his family’s deep roots in the art & medical field. He obtained his Masters in Exercise Physiology from Miami University (OH) and his Bachelors of Science as a Physicians Assistant from Howard University. Early on in his career, he made a name for himself as the strength & conditioning coach for the New Orleans Hornets.
Because of his success as a personal stylist for his longtime client Jamie Foxx, Jack was inspired to create two menswear brands, Sydeways and Jack Manson Signature.